October 2017 Mini Kit – Fan Gift

Welcome to October with all it’s stunning colors and activities!

Autumn is finally here, and that means all the beautiful colors of fall!  We’re planning a LOT of wonderful new things for you this month! To start, we have a lovely “teaser” mini kit for you called, “Purrfect Pumpkin (new collection – COMING SOON!)…our little way of saying thank you for your purchases of our designs at Alexis Design Studio!

Please be sure to follow our blog…this is where you will get THE most up-to-date information and freebies from ADS! We will OFFICIALLY discontinue our newsletter via MailChimp after DSD Weekend, so going forward, this is the only way to receive a newsletter from us!

Enjoy the beautiful month of October!




24 thoughts on “October 2017 Mini Kit – Fan Gift”

  1. Thank you for the adorable kit! I will miss receiving your newsletter; but I am so pleased that you are now going to offer these freebies on your blog instead as being part of a “group” on Facebook!!

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    1. Thank you for the feedback, Lori..it is always appreciated! We too enjoyed producing our newsletter, but in all honesty, very few opened it. The good news is, that you will receive the same great information, but via the blog posts! That’s the only difference – slightly different format. haha @ the FB groups…we don’t like them either! So, it’s all good. Again, thank you and enjoy!


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